'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot

'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot

'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot


capacity: 1500cc

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'Simple Helper' -- Foaming Pot


'Simple Helper' is a cleanliness No.1 and helps dirty easy go. This item has no complicated pipeline, it is easy to operate . It has outstanding performance with micro-bubbles can easyily to take away dust, dirty object, and completely cleaning your house, car, kitchen, bathroom and pet. 'Simple Helper' is good for your life.


Apply to:


.improve the foaming result
.widely use range without air compressor and electricity
.making bubbles easily and using anywhere
.less cleanser to protect environment
.the range is able to reach long distance
.excellent adhesive force on any object
.free from electricity, cleaning bathroom safety
.small, light, fine
.not use ladder & disassembly
.suitable to home & outdoor


.capacity: 1500cc
.weight: 34.4 g
.size: 63x36.5x33.5 cm
.1 box 15pcs/ C.W./5.16 KGS / G.W./ 6.16 KGS


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