Foaming Dispenser Pump

Foaming Dispenser Pump

Foaming Dispenser Pump


Output: 1.2cc ± 0.01cc per stroke

Closure size: 43

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Foaming Dispenser Pump


This item has been patented by many countries such as UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan ... etc. It provides an excellent performance with the high-quality that make it a wide range of product applications, and you don't have to manufacture any special closure bottle that would save a lots money for you.


.suitable any kind of regular / general bottle
.outside spring design design
.liquid is difficult to be rotten
.outside spiral tooth


Apply to:
.Hand cream
.Hand soap
.Hand & body lotion
.Disinfectant cleaners


.Output: 1.2cc ± 0.01cc per stroke
.Closure size: 43


.Plastic dispenser pump is available in various colors and size.
.Customized solution designs are accepted.

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